Celebrate Great Outdoors Month in Santee, South Carolina

This June, celebrate Great Outdoors Month by exploring the vibrant trails, parks and lakes of Santee, South Carolina. From active adventures to peaceful getaways, Santee promises a captivating experience for any nature lover. Here’s a glimpse at the unforgettable beauty of this Lowcountry paradise. 

Santee State Park

Nestled by Lake Marion, Santee State Park is a whimsical outdoor haven. Six trails wind through the forest, where you will encounter cypress trees wreathed in Spanish moss, cavernous limestone sinkholes and other unique natural features.

For a fully immersive outdoor trip, make a reservation at one of the 10 cabins mounted on piers over the lake. Located just a stone’s throw from a self-serve kayak rental station, these lodgings are the ideal escape for any traveler. You’ll take to Lake Marion like a duck takes to water!

Santee Cooper Lakes

Known as the “Great Lakes” of South Carolina, the Santee Cooper Lakes are stocked with fish and fun. With several state- and world-record catches, Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie boast an impressive stock of channel catfish, largemouth bass and more. If you’re ready to reel in a big one, local guides at Santee Cooper Country and Lake Marion Resort & Marina know all the finest fishing holes.

If fishing isn’t on your bucket list, don’t worry! From lakeside dining options to wildlife boat tours, there are endless ways to enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of Santee’s lake systems.

Santee National Wildlife Refuge

Santee National Wildlife Refuge is a verdant, 15,000-acre sanctuary with nearly 40 miles of pedestrian, bike and paddle trails. In this diverse ecosystem, which includes songbirds, white-tail deer, bobcats and alligators, each sighting is unique and memorable.

For a special vantage point, visit the observation tower over the bay at Dingle Pond, where herons and mallards nest. A pair of binoculars will only enhance your sense of wonder!

Palmetto Trail

Lace your hiking boots (or sneakers) to enjoy the myriad paths of the Palmetto Trail, including the 13.9-mile Santee Passage. At more than 500 miles long, the Palmetto Trail is South Carolina’s longest pedestrian and bicycle trail, carving a breathtaking path from the sea to the mountains.

Twisting through farmlands and pinewoods, the Santee Passage is the perfect low-intensity trail for hikers and bikers alike. Along the path, lush oak trees and fresh produce stands offer delicious respite from the summer heat.

Visit our explore page to learn more about these invigorating outdoor experiences and plan your next trip to Santee.

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