Plan your Pit Stop in Santee, South Carolina

Santee is located just off Interstate 95 and boasts pristine motels and hotels, food options for every roadtrip craving, and convenience stores stocked with supplies and souvenirs. Whether it’s a quick pit stop or a short hotel stay, Santee is the perfect place to stretch your legs or settle in for the night. Below are a few overnight spots for road-trippers and visitors alike.

Where to Stay

Visit our where to stay page to learn more about the different places to stay in Santee.

Where to Fill Up on Snacks and Gas

Whether you are looking for treats like homemade fudge and ice cream, or necessities like bait and tackle, groceries or a quick fill-up, Santee’s convenience stores have everything you need to refuel and recharge.

Where to Eat

Check out our blog post on places to dine in Santee or visit our dining page.

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